Walking Tracks

Because of the topography of Churton Park there are areas between streets where the Developer and City Council have established walking tracks. CPCA and the Churton Park Community Walkers have been encouraging more tracks to be built in our suburb. More tracks will become available as land is vested as reserve. When these have been completed and taken over by WCC, details will be added to this page.

The main tracks are as follows:

Melksham to Foxhall through Callender Reserve

This track commences at the intersection of Melksham Drive and Mauldeth Terrace and zig zags up the face then runs along the ridgeline including a section of bush to exit at Foxhall. Plantings adjacent to the track are now growing well. CPCA arranged the installation of two seats on this track.

A picture of the track from the other side of the valley is shown below

Melksham Drive to Amesbury Drive through Callender Reserve

This track commences near to the bus terminus and also zig zags up the hill face. The grade is not as steep as the more southern track. Once again two seats have been provided by CPCA. Planting has also been carried out adjacent to the track. A picture of the track from Melksham Drive is shown below.

Stebbings Dam Recreation Area to Rochdale Drive

This track follows the stream from upstream of the dam, to Rochdale Drive. Recently two bridges have been provided by the developer to replace the remains of the original vehicle bridges when Stebbings Road was the only access to the valley. The original bridges were removed as they were a safety hazard. It provides a very convenient short cut from Westchester Drive to Rochdale Drive and beyond. The land has now been taken over by WCC, and it is expected that improvements to the track to bring it up to standard will be done next year. Note that because the track is in the ponding area behind the dam it may be very wet during and following a major rainfall event.

The images below show the commencement of the track behind the dam, passing through the group of trees, the second bridge and the access to Rochdale Drive.

Rochdale Drive north to Melksham Drive

This track continues up the valley but on the west side of the stream from the previous track. At the north end the connection up to Melksham Drive has just been made (15/03/22) and is still obviously still a work in progress.

The completion of this connection gives a grand loop from Stebbings dam, up the valley to cross Rochdale Drive, then continue up the valley to Melksham Drive. From there cross Melksham Drive and follow the track up to Amesbury Drive. Head south on Amesbury Drive to Foxhall and go downhill through Callender reserve again back to Melksham Drive.

Commencement of track at Rochdale Drive

Gifford Grove Track to Danny Te Hiko seat

This short track starts from the access road to the water reservoir at the end of Gifford Grove. The seat on the high knob was installed in memory of Rev Danny Te Hiko. It provides a grand view over Churton Park. The images below show the start of the short track, the sign on the seat and the view towards Amesbury School.

Takarau Park track from Prestbury Grove to Ohariu Road

This track is at the very south end of Churton Park. It provides a very convenient link from Winsley Terrace to Ohariu Road and Johnsonville. It was constructed immediately after the 2020 lock-down through a patch of bush.

Stebbings Dam North side

This track commences at the gate to Westchester Drive adjacent to the new townhouses. The route is across the dam crest then ziz zags down the side of the valley to the stream. The stream can be crossed on stepping stones at low water flow rates, then exiting through the revegetated area to connect to Stebbings Road.

Wingfield Reserve Middleton Road

This track is a pleasant alternative walking route parallel to Middleton Road. It runs from the north end of the reserve and exits near to the bus shelter on Middleton Road. The track, which includes a bridge over the stream, was constructed by the Churton Park Revegetation Group when this reserve was a focus of the Group's revegetation activity. Now the track passes alongside and through areas of native trees, a huge contrast to the previous dense blackberry jungle. Note that some clearing and replanting has recommenced at the north end of the site.