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Churton Park Revegetation Group

This group is sponsored by the Churton Park Community Association, and supported by both Wellington City Council and Greater Wellington Regional Council. The group members are undertaking the ecological restoration of a a high profile area of Churton Park. Wingfield reserve runs parallel to Middleton Road north from Wingfield Place for about 400 metres, and is very visible from Middleton Road, which is a main access route. The reserve contains one of the upper tributaries of the Porirua Stream. The site has been the focus of the group’s efforts over the last five years. Before work started the reserve and stream were not visible as they were hidden beneath a thick canopy of willow trees and choked with blackberry.The reserve is being radically transformed from a weedy, overgrown and inaccessible eyesore to a healthy, accessible bush fringed waterway for people to enjoy.

South end of site adjacent to Wingfield Place

At this site the group has:

  • Established a good access route through the length of the site
  • Removed blackberry, pest plants, and problem trees such as willows, hawthorn, and macrocarpa;
  • Planted several thousand native plants, from small streamside rushes, to kahikatea;
  • Involved the community, business groups and service clubs; and
  • Improved the habitat of the stream for native fish. 
Excellent growth after 2 years

Working bees held throughout the year. During the planting season (May to September), there are regular planting days (usually once a month) which anyone can attend. New members are always welcome, as is the assistance of corporate groups (such as businesses, government departments, or community groups) that want to give a half or full day back to the community, and have a great experience at the same time.

You can contact the group on the numbers below to volunteer or find out when work is next planned. 

Planters on Saturday 7 August 2010

Contact information

The group is led by John Morrison, ph: 477 1020 


Planting now complete for 2013

posted 1 Aug 2013 20:04 by Ron Secretary

With three planting days, the volunteers have now planted 590 trees and shrubs.  These are made up of 540 supplied by WCC with the balance being split up flax and toetoe plants.  This now completes planting for this season.  The areas worked on were the flat area at the north end by the Office Max fence, and along the edge of the Farm Track in the middle of the site.  Now some gentle rain is required to get them well settled in.

Unfortunately we had some vandalism in the newly planted area at the north end, when about 25 plants were pulled out and thrown over the fence.  The plants were soon back in their former places, but some have been lost.  The Johnsonville Police have been advised.  If any other vandalism is noticed, please phone the Revegetation Group Coordinator, John Morrison, on 477 1020.

Next year the plantings will be from Wingfield Place, above the site, and also in the "Dell" on the south side of the start of Wingfield Place.

There will be no more planting this season, so ignore the date given in the previous post.  The next activity will be a site tidy up in September, with the date to be advised.

Thanks to all the volunteers who have contributed their time to this project.  The site is looking great, and the accrss path is well cleared and easy  to walk through.

Planting schedule for 2013

posted 29 Apr 2013 01:50 by Ron Secretary

Tjis year a total of 500 plants have been allocated to our group.

The first planting day will be held on Saturday 29 June, starting at 1pm.

The planting area is at the very north end of the site, next to Office Max.

Tools and gloves are provided.

Subsequent planting days are planned for Saturday 20 July and Saturday 10 August.

For more information please contact John Morrison, ph 477 1020

Successful 2012 planting season completed

posted 15 Aug 2012 01:11 by Ron Secretary   [ updated 15 Aug 2012 01:35 ]

This season 1000 more plants have been added to the total, which brings the total to date for the project to over 9000. The picture attached below shows part of the newly planted area on part of the very steep slope in the middle of the site.

Thanks is due to all our volunteers who have helped with this very rewarding project.

Mention must also be made of the two work groups who came from Contact Energy, and carried out a lot of site preparation and planting.

The site is now nearly full, but the clearance of more pest trees will open up other areas to be planted.

The main task now will be to keep grass and weeds, which grow very thickly on this site, away from the plants until they are established.

Site update

posted 4 Apr 2012 15:25 by Ron Secretary   [ updated 4 Apr 2012 15:27 ]

The plantings from winter 2011 have all done very well.  The regular rain over the summer provided good growing conditions, with survival rates probably over 90% which is great considering the steep slopes planted.
During February the main track through the site was gravelled by workers from Dept of Corrections.  The track is now suitable for walking in all weathers which will increase its use

The attached image shows the path as well as the good growth of toetoe, flax and other plants.

Programme for Winter 2012

posted 4 Apr 2012 15:04 by Ron Secretary   [ updated 8 Aug 2012 01:04 ]

The final 2012 main planting afternoon will be from 1pm on Saturday 11 August.

A great start on this years planting has been make.  On Saturday 29 June we put 300 plants in the ground in the higher areas of the site.

This was followed by some fine work by a group from Contact Energy on Friday 6 July.  They cleared, planted and mulched the flat area below Middleton Road, as well as clearing part of the escarpment slope and planting the top and bottom of it. They planted an additional 200 plants. A photo of the workers is attached below.

We have  been allocated 1000 plants by WCC for 2012, so we are now half way through the task. 

 Another group from Contact Energy is planned to come on Friday  27 July. .

 Our site is now part of a research project by students from Victoria Universtiy.  They are studying the growth rates of lemonwood, wineberry and cabbage trees. These have been tagged and measured, with their positions fixed by GPS.  This project may continue for a few years, so you may see students taking various measurements.

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