Community Emergency Hub

The Community Hub Guide has now been completed and can be downloaded from the link at the foot of this page.

22 Feb 2018

Meeting to discuss Emergency Hub Guide

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Date: Monday 10 April 2017.  Time: 7:00 p.m.
Place: Large meeting room, Churton Park Community Centre

Community Emergency Hub Guide – Churton Park & Glenside

This email has been sent to all the participants of the Community Emergency Response Planning sessions for Churton Park & Glenside held last year, and those who indicated an interest.

Your new Hub Guide for your hub

I’ve attached a copy of the Community Emergency Hub Guide for Churton Park and Glenside.  A physical A3 copy of this guide will go into the Community Emergency Hub kit held at Churton Park School.
In the back sections of the guide are the lists of your community’s local resources and potential vulnerabilities, and lists of suggested solutions for the challenges you may face in an emergency that people from your community came up with during response planning sessions held last year.  Thank you very much for your contributions so far.

Share the plan

Share this document and email around!  If you’d like printed copies, email  and WREMO can print some for you to pass on to others.

Where do we find the plan?

A copy of the guide as it stands at the moment will be put in the Community Emergency Hub kit in Churton Park School, and hosted on our website  If something happens tomorrow you aren’t starting from memory alone.  These copies and files will be updated as often as changes need to be made – this is a living document – you could think of it as a draft, but since it will keep changing over time, there’s never really a final version, we’ll always be improving it!

How did we end up in this plan?

In the initial rounds of planning, this document is about suggestions – the things people thought of at the time.  Not all of the groups or businesses listed were involved in those discussions, so they may have no idea that they are part of the plan!
You might have far more resources available to offer, or far fewer and aren’t quite the superheroes that people think you are, and aren’t able to provide the level of support that people think you might, so we need to update the plan to match reality.
Your work? - Is a business or workplace you are involved with listed in the plan?  Have the discussion with them about what you might be able to help with during an emergency, or what assistance you might need from the community in an emergency.  We will add or remove or adjust the document to match reality!
Your group?  Is a community group or network that you are part of listed in the plan?  Again, have a discussion about how your group could help in an emergency and how you might organise yourselves to do that.

Next steps

WREMO will be working with the Churton Park Community Association and Glenside Progressive Association to organise another get-together to gather all the new improved information and discuss what that might mean for the community’s response.  Is there planning and thinking that might have to change in light of new information?
We’ll check in on the progress of some of those community projects that your communities came up with, or come up with new good ideas for keeping your communities working together, building resilience.
We will also look at an exercise of setting up and operating the Community Emergency Hub, so you can see how they run.

How can I stay involved?

If you have been forwarded this email, and have not been involved in planning previously, but would like to be, please email to be added to the distribution list for invitations and updates to the plan, or get in touch with either of the Associations.
CPCA Secretary,
21 Feb 2018, 21:01