Update on construction progress

posted 20 Feb 2013, 00:14 by CPCA Secretary
The following information was provided by Mr Stavros Michael WCC on 20 February 2013

Westchester Drive new road link will soon provide Churton Park and Stebbings Valley residents with a more direct route to State Highway 1, easing peak-hour congestion along Johnsonville Road, reducing through-traffic in Churton Park and providing an alternative route for emergencies.

Construction work on Westchester Drive is progressing well. The two bridges are nearing completion with work now happening on the finishing barriers at each end of these bridges. Through the middle of the project kerb and channel is now being poured following the completion of earthworks and the laying of new services.. While the road has been cut through there is still a considerable amount of road building to complete by constructing a new base and finishing the surface with asphalt paving. With the completion of earth works we are now in a position to hydroseed the cut and fill batters to stabilise these. Areas at the edge of the road and bottom of walls along the route will be cleared in the coming month in preparation of planting in April.

Planting is an important finishing feature of this project. Attention to improving riparian planting will be a focus at the Middleton Road end of the project from the bridge and between the base of the new walls and the stream. Clearing of blackberry and other undesirable weeds will start shortly in preparation of planting in April/May. Other planting will augment work that the community anticipate caring out to improve the stream edges towards the twin span bridge at the Churton Park end.

Another feature of this project is the treatment of stormwater runoff recognising the importance of protecting the stream environment. While we will install standard road sumps we will direct the outfall of these to three swales constructed throughout the project to create some retention of road runoff and as a means of cleansing this run off before it finds its way to the stream. Where the stormwater can not be discharged through a swale it will be filtered through purpose build interceptors before being received by the stream. This will mean that stormwater leaving the road will be treated to highest standard seen on the Wellington roading network and in line with best practice.

Over the next few weeks you will see a continuation of the footpath being built and barriers installed along the top of the retaining walls. This is the longest task but we expect to complete this to allow the road foundation to be constructed and sealed ready for an opening toward the middle of April.

We will be looking to follow up enquiries from community groups over the next few weeks to coordinate their plans and ideas for an opening.