Major change to new road earthworks

posted 24 Jan 2012, 00:56 by CPCA Secretary   [ updated 24 Jan 2012, 01:02 ]

Residents may have noticed the new large cut face immediately on the east side of the Churton Park bridge. This face was planned to be cut at a batter slope of 1vertical to 1 horizontal (45 degrees) However now that the site has been opened up, the material has been found to be far more shattered and unstable than assumed. The result is that the slope will now be flattened back to 1 vertical to 2 horizontal to ensure stability. Because it is such a high cut, it will now extend an additional 50 metres, and require an additional 15,000 cubic metres of excavation. Another large cut face further towards Middleton Road also will be flattened off. This second cut has more impact on Glenside.

The upside of this change is that the cut slope will now have to be fully planted out with native trees and shrubs. In time the appearance will be far more natural than the originally proposed steep cut face. Good revegetation is essential, as the cut will be very visible from residences in the north east corner of Churton Park

The City Council (as developer) applied for a change to the conditions of the consent. CPCA made comments on the application, and we are very pleased that some of them have been included in the revised consent conditions. The main condition now included that will affect residents, is that the contractor will not be permitted to remove excavated material through Churton Park. All cartage off site will have to be from the Middleton Road end.

The WCC Engineer, Stephen Harte says that the cost of the additional work can be accomodated within the approved budget, and that completion by the end of 2012 is still achievable.