Contruction progress still very slow

posted 11 Oct 2012, 14:48 by CPCA Secretary
The Community Association has raised the issue of the very slow progress with the construction of the Middleton Road roundabout with Stephen Harte the WCC Project Engineer.
His explanation is that the roundabout is not on the critical path.  It seems that the contractor started the work in November last year as a fill in job, and subsequently found other work for the construction teams.
The current situation is that the lack of action in this area related to a delay in the installation of the water main that will supply the new Stebbings reservoir.  This water main had to cross a lot of important buried services in the roundabout area, whose position and depth had not been established in advance. Perhaps again a lack of proper investigations.
Attention was drawn to the very confusing layout of road cones, especially when coming from Tawa at night.
The programme given to the Association indicated that the Middleton bridge deck will be in place by the end of October, with the whole project complete by the end of February.  We will watch with interest progress towards these dates.
Elsewhere on the site the intention is to complete the paving of the road from the west end down to the Churton Park bridge, and then move the site boundary down to that point.  With the road open that far there will be easier access to the new Bretheren church.
Mass earthworks have recommenced on the very big cut at the east end of the Churton Park bridge. This slope is to be flattened considerably because of the unstable material uncovered which was not disclosed in the initial investigations.  This material will be placed on Dr Reedy's land, with only a small amount being taken off site to Ohariu Road.

Unfortunately it is not planned to plant this slope, but just to hydroseed with grass. The slope will initially cover with gorse, and eventually,after several decades, the native growth will finally take over.