Westchester Drive Link Road

Road opening date set as 11am on Saturday 20 April 2013.

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Glenside Information

Update on construction progress

posted 20 Feb 2013, 00:14 by CPCA Secretary

The following information was provided by Mr Stavros Michael WCC on 20 February 2013

Westchester Drive new road link will soon provide Churton Park and Stebbings Valley residents with a more direct route to State Highway 1, easing peak-hour congestion along Johnsonville Road, reducing through-traffic in Churton Park and providing an alternative route for emergencies.

Construction work on Westchester Drive is progressing well. The two bridges are nearing completion with work now happening on the finishing barriers at each end of these bridges. Through the middle of the project kerb and channel is now being poured following the completion of earthworks and the laying of new services.. While the road has been cut through there is still a considerable amount of road building to complete by constructing a new base and finishing the surface with asphalt paving. With the completion of earth works we are now in a position to hydroseed the cut and fill batters to stabilise these. Areas at the edge of the road and bottom of walls along the route will be cleared in the coming month in preparation of planting in April.

Planting is an important finishing feature of this project. Attention to improving riparian planting will be a focus at the Middleton Road end of the project from the bridge and between the base of the new walls and the stream. Clearing of blackberry and other undesirable weeds will start shortly in preparation of planting in April/May. Other planting will augment work that the community anticipate caring out to improve the stream edges towards the twin span bridge at the Churton Park end.

Another feature of this project is the treatment of stormwater runoff recognising the importance of protecting the stream environment. While we will install standard road sumps we will direct the outfall of these to three swales constructed throughout the project to create some retention of road runoff and as a means of cleansing this run off before it finds its way to the stream. Where the stormwater can not be discharged through a swale it will be filtered through purpose build interceptors before being received by the stream. This will mean that stormwater leaving the road will be treated to highest standard seen on the Wellington roading network and in line with best practice.

Over the next few weeks you will see a continuation of the footpath being built and barriers installed along the top of the retaining walls. This is the longest task but we expect to complete this to allow the road foundation to be constructed and sealed ready for an opening toward the middle of April.

We will be looking to follow up enquiries from community groups over the next few weeks to coordinate their plans and ideas for an opening.

New roundabout operational

posted 29 Nov 2012, 19:32 by CPCA Secretary   [ updated 29 Nov 2012, 19:57 ]

Finally traffic can travel around the new roundabout at the intersection of Westchester and Middleton Roads.  This should make a far safer intersection than has been endured for the last 12 months.  However caution should be exercised while work continues in this area.

Elsewhere on the site, the large batter slope just east of the Churton Park bridge is now in its final form, with topsoil being spread.  The first attached image shows the sweep of the road down to that bridge.

The second image shows the form of the road past that bridge, viewed from Glenside Road. Currently the watermain, which will eventually connect to the Stebbings reservoir, is being laid in the road formation.

Contruction progress still very slow

posted 11 Oct 2012, 14:48 by CPCA Secretary

The Community Association has raised the issue of the very slow progress with the construction of the Middleton Road roundabout with Stephen Harte the WCC Project Engineer.
His explanation is that the roundabout is not on the critical path.  It seems that the contractor started the work in November last year as a fill in job, and subsequently found other work for the construction teams.
The current situation is that the lack of action in this area related to a delay in the installation of the water main that will supply the new Stebbings reservoir.  This water main had to cross a lot of important buried services in the roundabout area, whose position and depth had not been established in advance. Perhaps again a lack of proper investigations.
Attention was drawn to the very confusing layout of road cones, especially when coming from Tawa at night.
The programme given to the Association indicated that the Middleton bridge deck will be in place by the end of October, with the whole project complete by the end of February.  We will watch with interest progress towards these dates.
Elsewhere on the site the intention is to complete the paving of the road from the west end down to the Churton Park bridge, and then move the site boundary down to that point.  With the road open that far there will be easier access to the new Bretheren church.
Mass earthworks have recommenced on the very big cut at the east end of the Churton Park bridge. This slope is to be flattened considerably because of the unstable material uncovered which was not disclosed in the initial investigations.  This material will be placed on Dr Reedy's land, with only a small amount being taken off site to Ohariu Road.

Unfortunately it is not planned to plant this slope, but just to hydroseed with grass. The slope will initially cover with gorse, and eventually,after several decades, the native growth will finally take over.

Visible progress with Churton Park bridge

posted 26 Mar 2012, 23:18 by CPCA Secretary   [ updated 1 Apr 2012, 02:58 ]

On Thursday 22 March 2012 a significant milestone was reached with the placing of beams on the west span of the Churton Park bridge. It is expected that the beams for the other span will be placed shortly, which will give a permanent access across the stream for the new road.

Construction progress is easily viewed from the pedestrian walking track that leads from the end of the existing part of Westchester drive around the construction area, down to under the bridge and then out to Stebbings Road.

The attached images show the last beam of the west span being lowered into position and the view of the underside of the bridge from the pedestrian walkway.

Then on Friday 30 March the gap was finally bridged, with the beams for the east span being lowered into position.

The images below show one of the last beams being transported to the site along the new road, with the transporter being towed by a bulldozer, and the beam being lifted into position by the very large crane.

Major change to new road earthworks

posted 24 Jan 2012, 00:56 by CPCA Secretary   [ updated 24 Jan 2012, 01:02 ]

Residents may have noticed the new large cut face immediately on the east side of the Churton Park bridge. This face was planned to be cut at a batter slope of 1vertical to 1 horizontal (45 degrees) However now that the site has been opened up, the material has been found to be far more shattered and unstable than assumed. The result is that the slope will now be flattened back to 1 vertical to 2 horizontal to ensure stability. Because it is such a high cut, it will now extend an additional 50 metres, and require an additional 15,000 cubic metres of excavation. Another large cut face further towards Middleton Road also will be flattened off. This second cut has more impact on Glenside.

The upside of this change is that the cut slope will now have to be fully planted out with native trees and shrubs. In time the appearance will be far more natural than the originally proposed steep cut face. Good revegetation is essential, as the cut will be very visible from residences in the north east corner of Churton Park

The City Council (as developer) applied for a change to the conditions of the consent. CPCA made comments on the application, and we are very pleased that some of them have been included in the revised consent conditions. The main condition now included that will affect residents, is that the contractor will not be permitted to remove excavated material through Churton Park. All cartage off site will have to be from the Middleton Road end.

The WCC Engineer, Stephen Harte says that the cost of the additional work can be accomodated within the approved budget, and that completion by the end of 2012 is still achievable.

Slow progress on Westchester Link

posted 11 Aug 2011, 22:12 by CPCA Secretary

Residents will have noticed the slow progress with the construction of the new road. According to Stephen Harte, WCC Project Manager, the delay has been caused by unforeseen unsuitable ground conditions for the abutment of the bridge at Middleton Road. The bridge has now been redesigned and work is about to recommence, with completion expected by March 2012. The previously advised completion date for this bridge was July 2011. In this same location, the construction of the Middleton Road roundabout is due to commence in September.

At the west (Churton Park) bridge some progress has been made with the construction of the west abutment. This bridge is expected to be complete by Christmas.

Excavation for the major part of the project can not commence until the bridges are complete. Overall completion of the project has been set back now to the end of 2012.

Start date set for Westchester Drive Link

posted 1 Jan 2011, 22:07 by CPCA Secretary

An update on the programme for the construction of the Westchester Drive link has been received from Stephen Harte, the WCC Project Engineer.

The contract has now been awarded to Fulton Hogan Ltd.

Work on site is expected to start in late November. There will be an 18 month construction period, with the first task being the construction of the bridge at Middleton Road. Because of the layout of the site, earthworks will be carried out from the road itself, working towards the Churton Park end.

A community liaison group will be set up with representatives from both the Glenside and Churton Park.

More information about the project and information about the construction will be posted on this site.

Westchester Drive Update

posted 1 Sept 2010, 17:27 by CPCA Secretary   [ updated 1 Jan 2011, 22:04 ]

Start date set for Westchester Drive Link

An update on the programme for the construction of the Westchester Drive link has been received from Stephen Harte, the WCC Project Engineer.

Tenders for the construction contract will close on 24 September, with work on site expected to start in late October. There will be an 18 month construction period, with the first task being the construction of the bridge at Middleton Road. Because of the layout of the site, earthworks will be carried out from the road itself, working towards the Churton Park end.

A community liasion group will be set up shortly with representatives from both the Glenside and Churton Park.

The President of the Churton Park Community Association, Ed Crampton welcomed the news that a definite start date has now been fixed. He said that there were many in the community who were wondering if the project would ever get underway.

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