Successful 2012 planting season completed

posted 15 Aug 2012, 01:11 by CPCA Secretary   [ updated 15 Aug 2012, 01:35 ]
This season 1000 more plants have been added to the total, which brings the total to date for the project to over 9000. The picture attached below shows part of the newly planted area on part of the very steep slope in the middle of the site.

Thanks is due to all our volunteers who have helped with this very rewarding project.

Mention must also be made of the two work groups who came from Contact Energy, and carried out a lot of site preparation and planting.

The site is now nearly full, but the clearance of more pest trees will open up other areas to be planted.

The main task now will be to keep grass and weeds, which grow very thickly on this site, away from the plants until they are established.

CPCA Secretary,
15 Aug 2012, 01:31