Planting now complete for 2015

posted 27 Oct 2015, 18:04 by CPCA Secretary
Another successful planting season is now complete.

Special thanks to all who came and helped on the various sites or supported the Revegetation Group in other ways.

Wingfield Reserve

Additional plants sourced from the Jay St nursery were planted on the steep slope down from Wingfield Place to replace the plants that were lost over the very dry summer. These plants have been recently released, along with the plants on the Farm Track across the centre of the site.

Stebbings Dam Right abutment.

The plants in this location also suffered badly from the dry summer. The gaps were filled also with plants from Jay St.

Lakewood Reserve South end.

The big area which slopes down from the tennis court carpark was fully planted and subsequently mulched. We are hoping that this area will not suffer too much if we get another dry summer. The balance of the planting was in the Lions Seat block, where infilling was carried out among the previous years planting. Because this area is in a flat damp area the plants should survive well. All these areas have been subsequently released and mulched by a very enthusiastic and capable group from Contact Energy.

Programme for 2016

WCC have decided that the next area to be planted will be on both sides of the stream from the bridge downstream. The toetoe plants in this area are reaching the end of their lives, so the planting will be between the old plants. This will give some protection for the new plants. In addition there will be some infilling of existing areas and releasing the smaller plants.