Planting now complete for 2013

posted 1 Aug 2013, 20:04 by CPCA Secretary
With three planting days, the volunteers have now planted 590 trees and shrubs.  These are made up of 540 supplied by WCC with the balance being split up flax and toetoe plants.  This now completes planting for this season.  The areas worked on were the flat area at the north end by the Office Max fence, and along the edge of the Farm Track in the middle of the site.  Now some gentle rain is required to get them well settled in.

Unfortunately we had some vandalism in the newly planted area at the north end, when about 25 plants were pulled out and thrown over the fence.  The plants were soon back in their former places, but some have been lost.  The Johnsonville Police have been advised.  If any other vandalism is noticed, please phone the Revegetation Group Coordinator, John Morrison, on 477 1020.

Next year the plantings will be from Wingfield Place, above the site, and also in the "Dell" on the south side of the start of Wingfield Place.

There will be no more planting this season, so ignore the date given in the previous post.  The next activity will be a site tidy up in September, with the date to be advised.

Thanks to all the volunteers who have contributed their time to this project.  The site is looking great, and the accrss path is well cleared and easy  to walk through.