Planting day coming up

posted 25 Jul 2016, 16:47 by CPCA Secretary

The next planting day is on

Saturday 6 August 2016 commencing at 1pm.

Park at the tennis courts, and we will meet at the "Lions Seat" which is close to where we will be planting.

The planting areas are on the flat this time, on both sides of the stream, on the north side of the cross valley path. WCC have cleared spaces between the dying flax and toetoe bushes, so the plants will get some shelter.

There are 200 plants coming this time, but should be straight forward work being on the flat.

When WCC did the clearing, many parts of the planting area have quite thick cut material lying on the ground which will make good mulch. However it will need to be raked out of the way before digging, and then put back around the plants. Because of this, some rakes will be useful.

If we get the plants in quickly there is also lots of releasing that can be done too!

If you are able to come and help on Saturday 6 August, please let me know, as it allows me to allocate tasks as people arrive.
I will provide gloves and digging implements, but feel free to bring your own.  In addition, a couple of rakes would be useful.

Please contact me at 477 1020 or