Community Rooms at Shopping Centre Construction about to commence

posted 23 Sept 2012, 01:29 by CPCA Secretary   [ updated 9 Dec 2012, 17:06 ]

At last there is a confirmed start date for construction of the long awaited community rooms for Churton Park.

The developer has announced that Stage 2 of the shopping centre construction will commence before the end of September, with completion expected in February 2013.

The construction contract will also include the full fit-out of the new community rooms, so when the contractor finishes work, the new rooms will be able to be occupied immediately.

WCC have now entered into an agreement with the developer to lease space for the community centre for a term of 20 years. They will also be advertising shortly to employ a coordinator for the centre. This position will be for 20 hours weekly at Churton Park, with a further 10 hours working in Tawa and Newlands.

The new facility includes a main meeting area of about 70 sq metres, and an area for smaller groups of about 18 sq metres. There will be a coordinators office, reception area, kitchen and servery. Provision has also been made for storage cupboards. Toilets will be included, and in addition there will be a public toilet accessible from the outside of the building. This toilet was one of the items requested at the last AGM, and it is good that there has been enough flexibility in the plan to accommodate it.

The west face of the building will be glazed, letting in good light into both of the public areas, so it will be a very attractive facility.

The community centre is located on the Lakewood Ave side of the shopping centre site, between the driveway access and the corner of the site. The two neighbours will be retail space, but no details of tenants as yet.

Now is the time for groups in Churton Park to consider how best to use these very valuable facilities. When the coordinator is appointed more information will be available on arrangements for booking the rooms.

The plan attached shows the confirmed layout of the rooms. This is very similar to previous concept sketches, with the addition of the public toilet.

CPCA Secretary,
23 Sept 2012, 01:29