Submissions on WCC Annual Plan and other consultations.

posted 17 Apr 2016, 15:50 by CPCA Secretary   [ updated 17 Apr 2016, 16:02 ]
The information below has been provided to the Association by Cr Malcolm Sparrow.

The following link takes you to the summary of the WCC Annual Plan:

The following link takes you to the detailed “Consultation Document”:

The following link takes you to the online submission form (which you can also find by clicking on the orange box about two-thirds of the way down the summary of the Annual Plan, i.e. the first link I’ve provided above):

The following link takes you to the printable submission form:

Attached below are details of the Johnsonville Library - Kindergarten purchase and the Middleton Road proposal.  We encourage residents to tick ‘yes’ to both of those on the online submission form!  The more local people that support these proposals, the better!

Middleton Road $40,000
The development of the Middleton
Road cycleway/walkway in Churton
Park-Glenside is scheduled for the
near future. In the interim, sealing
the gap between the edge of the white
line of the tarmac and the fence at the
eastern side of the road would improve
pedestrian safety and create more room
for cyclists.

Johnsonville Library– Kindergarten purchase

The Council is developing a new library
in Johnsonville. As part of that project
it is proposed to buy the neighbouring
kindergarten site and use that land to
ensure the library can be located in
a position that does not compromise
future roading improvements (eg
traffic lights, walkways, cycleways).
Consideration will be given to
integrating the kindergarten within the
library development.

Dog Policy Review

If you want to make any comments on the review of the WCC Dog Policy, the link is:

Note that Council is proposing making Stebbings Dam an off-leash dog exercise area, as shown in this map:

It is also proposed that the track down the hill from the Mark Ave carpark at Seton Nossiter Park becomes an off-leash area for dogs:

The wider animal bylaw, which includes a proposal to microchip cats, is also being reviewed.  You are welcome to comment: