President’s Report 2009-10

posted 30 Mar 2010, 18:16 by CPCA Secretary

2009-10 has been an extremely busy year with a lot of new initiatives being launched. 

The planned Neighbourhood Centre at Lakewood Avenue and the new Westchester Drive extension are on schedule for consent approval and construction.  Your Association has been active in supporting both developments but also in suggesting specific improvements which would help mitigate the environmental and social impact of the developments. In this regard I’d like to thank our Vice President, John Morrison whose engineering and local government  background has been invaluable in the preparation of high quality submissions on these issues over the last two years.


In 2009 the Minister of Education confirmed the building of a second  primary school at Amesbury Drive in Churton Park to be opened in Term 1 2012. This school will at last resolve the ongoing pressure of roll growth by increasing the collective capacity of local schools. This is the culmination of years of work by various Boards of Trustees at Churton Park School, the Campaign of Local Schooling and  Members of Parliament. Tonight I want to acknowledge all those who worked for this successful outcome.


There has been progress too on community facilities.  The City Council has recently indicated that – subject to the LTCCP process - it could allocate as much as $1.6million in funding for long overdue community facilities in Churton Park.  Recently we received a fascinating presentation regarding the new multipurpose community centre which has been built at Newlands. I encourage local residents to get involved in the Council’s consultation process regarding how they want that money to be invested.  I think it’s likely that Churton Park residents will only get one chance to make this scale of investment into their community.  We need to weigh the options carefully and use the opportunity well.


The Association’s finances are in good shape.  We have run a balanced budget for the year and have retained a good surplus of reserves.  I’d like to acknowledge the work of Daniel Warsaw – our Treasurer.  One of the new initiatives introduced this year is the ability to pay subscriptions by automatic transfers.


The Churton Park Gazette was delivered to 2100 homes in CP, 5 times a year.  I’d like to thank our newsletter sponsor OfficeMax for supplying the paper.

The Revegetation Group, is coordinated by John Morrison, assisted by Jenny Mainwaring.  Over the last year progress has ben made on the site beside Middleton road with good growth for most of the plantings.  About 1700 plants of various species were planted, as well as the clearance of pest plants and weeds. When complete it will form not only an attractive entrance to CP but also a pleasant walking track.

Ed Crampton has served in various posts for the Association – including President and Secretary for the last 2 years.  Ed has kept track of inwards and outwards correspondence and minutes of meetings.  I know I have appreciated his calm manner and reasoned comments on a wide range of issues.  Ed has also provided leadership of the Association’s work on the Neighbourhood Centre.


Our Annual Community Christmas event was very well attended – despite the rain on the day. The co-ordination and organisational skills of new committee member - Margaret Stevenson-Wright - helped ensure that this event ran smoothly. Margaret has also been involved in preparing several submissions to local and central government agencies. Margaret also proved to be very adept at getting sponsors. Thanks Margaret. 


Jenny Mainwaring joined the committee in 2009 and has been a strong support for the committee – contributing in a range of activities – including re-vegetation work. Thanks Jenny.  

 Kath Henderson has been one of our longer serving committee members and has taken an interest in various projects – including submissions on driver education and transport safety matters and her earlier involvement in the re-vegetation group. I’d also like to note in passing our gratitude to Marcus Henderson who kindly agreed to audit the accounts.

Ron Daly has been a keen supporter of the Annual Car Boot Sale.  The committee has been fortunate to have the benefit of Ron’s local government experience. Ron has helped pursue facilities suitable for young people in the suburb.  Ron has also looked after our community website which provides information and notices on community events.  Thanks Ron.


During the year the Committee said farewell to two members: local Youth worker - Pete Watson- moved to Auckland; and Rory O’Connor left at the end of 2009 to become Chairman of the new Establishment Board of Trustees for the new school.


In addition we also have four committee members who are not seeking re-election this year.  These are: our Treasurer Daniel Warsaw who is moving out of the suburb; our newsletter editor – Diana Tam - who joined the committee as a College student.  Diana has done a fantastic job of enhancing the presentation of the newsletter and renaming it the Churton Park Gazette. Diana will be focussed on new educational goals in 2010 and we have appreciated her contribution during the past year.


 Jim Collins will be focussed on leading the new Northern Suburbs Activities Group at the Johnsonville Community Centre.   I want to acknowledge with thanks the work of all committee members and thank them for doing their bit for the community.


Finally 2010 also marks my seventh year on the Community Association since 1997 – including two separate terms as President.  I believe now is the right time to stand down and I will therefore not be seeking re election as President.  Following my appointment late last year to the Establishment Board of Trustees (EBOT) for the new Amesbury Drive School I look forward to helping develop the new school and to help ensure that children in our community continue to have access to high quality education.


I look forward to seeing Churton Park continue to grow and prosper as part of the wider Wellington region and I wish the new Committee every success as the Association continues to represent the interests of the wider community.  Thank you.


Roger Ellis, President