New Committee elected at AGM

posted 9 Apr 2014, 17:14 by CPCA Secretary

The Association now has a new committee, with eight new members.

The full list now is as follows:

Richard Taylor President, John Morrison Vice President, Roy Baker Secretary, and Tania Vincent Treasurer.

Other committee members elected are Avinash Shrivastava, Dayandra Hettige, Elaine Scoble, Janet Chew, John Tiley, Trevor Burr and Vijay Chandrashekar.

Richard is looking forward to working with the new committee who will bring different skills and perspectives to the Association.

Richard also thanked the retiring committee members, Bruce Koller, Dianne Murdoch, Jude Drummond, Terri Taylor and Ron Daly for their valuable contributions in many different activities of the Association.

The Community Constable, Sergeant Lance Murdoch of Johnsonville Police, addressed the meeting and provided information on the ways to keep ourselves and our community safe.

The meeting concluded with a panel discussion with Gillian Cross, Guy Callender, and Mike Russell about the future development of Churton Park. Many interesting points were raised.