Names for new streets

posted 12 Apr 2015, 19:29 by CPCA Secretary   [ updated 12 Apr 2015, 19:40 ]
New street names have been assigned in the area of Churton Park under development.
The names have been sourced from English West Country villages, generally east of Bristol, which is the area where many of the existing street names have come from.
The names on the west side of the valley are;
Foxham Terrace, Bickerton Rise, Atherton Terrace, Stockport Grove, Swinton Place and Hattersley Grove.
On the east side of the valley they are:
Gatley Grove, Rochdale Drive, Crompton Avenue, Prestwich Rise and Farnworth Terrace.

Refer to the map attached below for the location of these new streets.

CPCA Secretary,
12 Apr 2015, 19:29