More late buses for Churton Park

posted 8 Oct 2018, 13:10 by CPCA Secretary   [ updated 8 Oct 2018, 20:57 ]

As a direct outcome of the meeting recently arranged by CPCA, Metlink have announced that additional late buses will operate on routes 1 and 19 commencing on Sunday 11 November. (note this is a month later than advertised earlier)

Route 1. This spine route has been completely rescheduled to reflect actual travel time data, following experience with the route operation. The new timings will deliver a more reliable service with less late running and bus bunching. 

The new timetables include the following extra services:

The last bus Route 1 to Churton Park Monday to Saturday will depart from Courtenay Place at midnight (currently 11pm).

Route 19 and 19e. The loop 19 service will be extended until 10:28pm on Monday to Saturday with 4 additional evening departures from Johnsonville. Sunday buses will run until 9:32pm with three additional evening departures.

Route 19e peak services have travel times adjusted based on recent travel data to provide a more reliable and dependable service. 

Check the Metlink website for the new timetable details.

Metlink also implemented very quickly the CPCA suggestion that the destination of the No1 buses be indicated on the rear of the bus. So now catch the 1CP bus.

We are very pleased that Metlink has listened to some of the concerns of the community and have taken appropriate remedial actions.

CPCA is still working with Metlink on issues relating to relocating some bus stops, provision of shelters and timetable display boards, and potential increase in destinations available from Churton Park.