Meeting about Churton Park bus routes proposed changes

posted 21 Apr 2014, 22:35 by CPCA Secretary   [ updated 21 Apr 2014, 22:36 ]

Find out more and have your say about the proposed changes to the Churton Park bus routes

Greater Wellington Regional Council has proposed some radical changes to the bus routes to and from, as well as the routes within Churton Park. These changes are due to be implemented from 2017.

Some of their suggestions are very worthwhile – for example, they take into account the rapid development to the north through Stebbings Valley. However, in trying to achieve that, they have made access to buses much more difficult for a great number of residents. Did you know some will be up to 1.2 kms from a bus stop under the new scheme?

Representatives from GWRC and WCC have been invited to attend the public meeting so that they can explain this third different bus route proposal, and so that they can capture first-hand the things about the buses that concern you as Churton Park residents.

To ensure you have the complete picture, and so you can make suggestions for improvements to the GWRC proposals, CPCA has organised a public meeting, the details of which are:

When: Tuesday 6 May

Where: Amesbury School Hall

Starting time: 8.00 pm

The CPCA Committee looks forward to seeing you there.

See the posting below for the link to the GWRC website where some details are available.

The committee stresses the importance of making a written submission on the Draft Wellington Regional Public Transport Plan

Submissions must be made by 5pm on Friday 9 May.