Great Turnout at 2012 Annual General Meeting

posted 26 Mar 2012, 19:38 by CPCA Secretary

About 120 residents as well as two MP's, three city councillors and three regional councillors were present at this meeting.

Long time local resident Richard Taylor was elected President, replacing Ed Crampton, who stood down after two years in the role. Ed will continue on the committee as Immediate Past President.

The committee is up to full strength, and now comprises Jude Drummond, Jenny Mainwaring, Dianne Murdoch, Ron Daly, Bruce Kollar, Murali Kumar, John Morrison, John Tiley, and Peter Wilson, in addition to Richard and Ed.

Richard thanked Ed for his great contribution as President over the past two years,which was followed by a warm round of applause. Richard went on to say that he was looking forward to the coming exciting year which should see the opening of the Westchester Drive link, construction of Stage 2 of the shopping centre including the Community Room, as well as the opening of the Community Hall at Amesbury School.

At the meeting the following presentations were made, followed by questions:

Cr Justin Lester gave information on the timetable for new community facilities in the Northern suburbs, and advised that the Johnsonville library upgrade is in the WCC draft long term plan.

Rory O'Connor explained the availability of the Amesbury Hall.

Guy Callender gave an update on tenants moving into the shopping centre, which now will include a vet and pharmacy, in addition to the Malaysian takeaways, and hairdresser which are already operational. Stage 2 of the shopping centre will include the 150 sq m community room.He also outlined the programme for subdivisional work and the release of sections for sale.

Regional councillors Darryn Ponter and Paul Bruce gave their presentation on the proposed changes to bus routes. This presentation was the subject of a very large number of questions, almost all of which were not in favour of the changes, which will require off peak passengers to transfer between buses and travel through Newlands. A motion of opposition to the changes was passed unanimously. The councillors gave an assurance that residents will have another opportunity to comment on the next stage of proposals, probably by way of community workshops.