Emergency Response Plan meetings coming up

posted 11 Jul 2016, 22:29 by CPCA Secretary   [ updated 11 Jul 2016, 22:32 ]
Glenside and Churton Park residents are invited to attend three public meetings, facilitated by the Wellington Regional Emergency Management Office, to form a community-led response plan for our area. This is to assist us to become prepared to respond to civil defence emergencies in our neighbourhood.
Venue: Churton Park School hall: 90 Churton Drive
Dates & time: 7:00 p.m. on Thursdays: 11 August, 25 August and 8 September 2016

A Community-Led Response Plan is a living document, formed by communities to help themselves be self-sufficient for the 72 hours after a Civil Defence Emergency. This is when city emergency services may be unavailable, a lesson learned from the Canterbury earthquakes.
A number of suburbs within Wellington have already combined and created these documents.

In the event of an emergency, residents and businesses in Churton Park and Glenside will be faced with a range of different opportunities and challenges, so we hope to see a cross section of residents across both suburbs who can work together to formulate a comprehensive plan.

The Churton Park Community Association and the Glenside Progressive Association are working together to create a sense of ‘village support’ across our neighbourhoods. Some areas of our communities are already well connected. Extending these networks is important in case of a significant emergency.

The Wellington Regional Emergency Management Office staff facilitate a series of three public meetings for interested suburbs. An outline of the topics that will be covered in those meetings is shown below:

Meeting 1 - 7:00 p.m. Thursday 11 August

- Why we need communities to be prepared to respond without waiting for official support
- What communities might need to respond to - hazards and impacts
- Identifying the strengths and vulnerabilities of the community in an emergency
- How will the community respond to check on the things they are worried about or are relying on, on the day
- Coordinated response from a Civil Defence Centre
- identifying the critical needs of your community in a disaster, and a brief look at how we might respond to them using local resources

Meeting 2 - 7:00 p.m. Thursday 25 August.
- Practical solutions to critical needs in an emergency – drawing only on available resources:
- information gathering & checking everyone is okay
- medical needs are being met
- people have shelter
- water & sanitation
- food
- other issues specific to our area

Meeting 3 - 7:00 p.m. Thursday 8 September
- Identifying and planning for future projects that would fill in gaps in our preparedness, or further increase resilience in our community.

Please support this very important initiative.

Brian Sheppard, President 

Churton Park Community Association

Jan Voss, President
 Glenside Progressive Association