Churton Park Bus Stops to be AXED

posted 9 Apr 2014, 17:32 by CPCA Secretary

Thirteen bus stops will be axed for off peak travel from 2017 according to the GW Draft Regional Public Transport Plan.

The affected bus stops are in Halswater Drive, Burbank Cres, Westchester Drive, Amesbury Drive, and Waverton Terrace.

The proposed all day route comes into the northern part of Churton Park through Abelene Cres, then along Lakewood Ave to Melksham Drive and Stebbings Valley.

According to GW, the rationale for this change is to provide a bus service to the as yet undeveloped residential land in Stebbings Valley. The provision of a bus service in this new area will no doubt enhance the desirability of those properties.

The downside is that a catchment area of 2792 people currently served by a local all day bus stop will now be far further from a bus stop outside of peak hours. The furthest point is an additional 1200m walking distance.

In addition, these areas are generally on higher ground to the west.

The information about this new proposal is not detailed in the Draft Public Transport Plan, but is buried in the GW website. On the website the overall public transport schematic plan gives no hint of this major change in bus routing.

This is the link to the website page detailing the impact on Churton Park.

The page also has a low resolution plan showing the all day and peak routes.

Because no detailed maps are available CPCA has prepared maps showing the relationship to the existing route.

The All Day route connects Johnsonville and Island Bay to Northern Churton Park at Abelene Cres, then along Lakewood Ave to Melksham Drive and into Stebbings Valley.

At peak times an additional service will connect to Johnsonville and Island Bay along Middleton Road, Halswater Drive, Burbank Cres, Lakewood Ave, Westchester Drive, Waverton Tce and along upper Amesbury Drive into Stebbings Valley.

Both of these routes are "there and back"

The attached maps show both of these routes superimposed on the existing route.

Submissions on the Draft Wellington Regional Public Transport Plan close at 4pm on Friday 9 May 2014.

Residents are urged to express their feelings on this new proposal in the strongest terms possible.

CPCA Secretary,
9 Apr 2014, 17:32